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One, innovation
Innovation: is unique to human cognition and practice ability, is the advanced form of man's subjective initiative, it is an inexhaustible motive force to promote enterprise development and social development. Especially the serious excess manufacturing capacity in the overall market environment, customers a great choice, an enterprise needs to want to walk in the forefront of the market, want to continue to create and meet the personalized needs of customers, it is not a moment to have no theory of innovation thinking, there's not a moment to practice stop innovation.
Innovative goal: is to create new value for customers, create self achievement development space for employees, create valuable orders to the company. Innovation is a conceptual process with new thinking, new inventions and new features described as. It includes three layers of meaning:
1, innovation means change, bring forth the new through the old, take on an altogether new aspect, the so-called meteorological million, no not speak of a "change" word;
2, innovation means to pay, because of inertia, no external force is unlikely to be changed, the external force is the need for innovators with firm and indomitable will to actively pay;
3, innovation means risk, always said work a harvest, and innovation efforts may gain a failed return. Innovation is not easy, so always want to innovation in front with the "positive", "courage", "bold" adjectives.
Two, integrity
Honesty is a moral category, is each enterprise, each citizen of a business card, representing the credit. That is sincere, honest, treat credibility, word, deed, word, as good as gold.
A person in good faith, on behalf of his civilized, honest man: popular everywhere; not good people, people will ignore his presence; therefore, each of us to be honest. To be clear: "honesty is the people, making friends, the foundation of political law, is the soul of business."
An enterprise to customer credibility, mainly displays in: quality assurance, delivery on time, good service performance and innovation ability; on the contrary, if our quality, delivery and service can't meet customer demand is agreed, the customer is not the integrity of performance, or a liar! How an enterprise's integrity, is in fact every one of our staff to integrity performance accumulation; for every one of our staff, the management system of the company, operating rules, technical codes, quality standard, work plans, job responsibilities and the code of conduct in the daily work of honor to perform concrete manifestation, is honesty; conversely, if our employees, "do not abide by the law, let the unqualified products, didn't finish the work on time, buck passing, all excuses, the public, such as selfish as phenomenon, are not sincere; in fact, the good faith is also a pragmatic attitude, more is a sacred duty!

Want the enterprise towards a rapid development stage, it is a discipline, morality, civilization, talented personnel; to do the little things depends on ability, and the big things will depend on the personality and moral, do mind frankly, respect for others, respect for superiors, obedience, love belongs to, not to say rude words their personal interests, collective interests behind, the higher authorities to complete the task on time, with a strong sense of responsibility, in a proper way, occasions openly express thoughts and ideas of their own, in the face of each person sincerely, we use the confidence and a smile to greet the arrival of each day.

Three, mutual
Everyone will encounter difficulties, everyone has a mind of compassion, this is human and animal nature inherent since ancient times, because there is a law of nature that, "was created between people with people" and cooperation, the other animal incomparable kindness and benevolence, it because of the incomparable "benevolence", produced the incomparable human wisdom, and formed a team, organization, enterprise and state, and then the progress and development of the human! So every enterprise can be sustained and orderly development, "mutual aid" and "benevolence" is a machine of the engine; if the engine fails, the more expensive, luxurious machine cannot play its value!
A person wants to get help from others, we want to help others, you only pay for love, to be loved in return, to form a happy family, the healthy development of the enterprises and to the human civilization and harmonious society. "Help", is the human society is developing rules, follow the "mutual aid", and "benevolence" of the law, people can get happiness and joy, can enterprise steady development, a violation of this rule, one's life is painful, the development of enterprises will encounter difficult. Therefore, "the most basic embodiment of mutual aid" is humanity, justice and morality!
Enterprise employees with team spirit, have high sense of collective honor, can really appreciate the "I Rong Xing factory, plant failure, I shame", this is the core spirit of an enterprise. So how are we going to create, to develop, the key lies in our work environment, work atmosphere is a caring, friendly relations and team. Workers is enterprise's wealth, they need care, need to love, although they are engaged in different work, but this is just a kind of work division. Our employees are not afraid of hard work, if there is no dignity. Work a "good morning", "goodbye" to work, this dull and loving care, is worth us to follow. On the contrary, co-workers not harmonious, even hostile, just not civilized language, do not follow one's inclinations, buck passing self criticism does not dare to assume responsibility, these are the people of the shameful behavior, it will put the enterprises into backward column. The heart qi, heart, help each other, to create an efficient, mutual pleasure, production and management team, to create a harmonious working atmosphere;
Four, win-win
Market chain operation organization of any one enterprise, are customers, shareholders, employees, all you can see in the enterprise, product, equipment, building facilities such as "objects" are the common carrier of the above four, and the three are combined together, may be the ultimate value of different needs, but the fundamental goal is compatible, is to create value, self realization, is common!
1, to win customers are: reliable quality of products, the best price, feel good shopping scene, after sale service, high quality and considerate and very high brand satisfaction;
2, shareholders want to win is: staff's sense of belonging the strongest, best reputation, customer brand famous degree highest, market share of the largest, social identity and good;
3, employees want to win is: very good learning and growth and space, refreshing and pleasant working environment, salary and welfare, superior and fully respected, has the sense of achievement.
To sum up, shareholders, employees want to create value, self realization, success, only based on customer value, in order to produce our products sales, distribution, shareholders and employees have the opportunity to participate in the value of self realization may. So, the customer is among the three eldest brother; to achieve customer satisfaction, is to rely on to pay together every employee, because the customer contact involved in general is our terminal products, and related publicity, and publicity and product is our staff in the company to work, it is bearing the weight of the integrity of the our enterprise and brand image in the terminal, so the staff is the foundation of our development of enterprises, employees work in each result will be our corporate image display. As a shareholder or main operators, to obtain the success, first of all to good service for your employees, care for them, help them, keep them happy, let them DOSOMETHINPREVIOUSLYUNRELEASED.
As part of our staff, to succeed, to your subjective initiative into play, is directly related to the production and operation of enterprises in scientific and technological innovation. To advocate the "self realization, self perfection, to create a" code of conduct, put these ideas reflected in the specific work, so that employees have their own interests and the interests of enterprises closely linked, to maximize the potential, to better achieve personal goals and organizational goals win-win, truly become a business owner.
People oriented is a noble spirit, knowledge education, modern people with healthy business culture to unite people, let the staff fully identify the core values of the enterprise, cultivate ideals, morality, culture, discipline of the "four" the staff team, and enterprise development. Modern business people-oriented purpose is to respect people, train people, with the living, development, is the prerequisite for all management; through the integration of resources, make full use of the platform of enterprise, employees at work gradually realize self value and recognized, feeling behind the success of the relief.

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