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After sale service quality commitment:

With the further development of national market economy, the increasingly fierce competition in the market, users are increasingly high demand for the product, and the after sale service requirements are also increasing, for my company quality management department to meet the market requirements set up after sale serviceteam, equipped with more than full-time staff responsible for processing the products of our company after sale service. For this reason I can do:

The product dispensing inspection certificate and the use of appropriate instructions, to ensure that users can use our products properly installed.

Our company to ensure the products are manufactured in accordance with the relevant national standards and inspection, substandard products not manufactured. Ensure strict compliance, cash three bags of products, strict implementation of the relevant provisions of the state, after sale service of industrial products, the factory products twelve months from the date of the shipment, under normal operating conditions the product specifications, our company will be responsible for the product quality guarantee period and good quality.

The quality objection to my company's products, guarantee to challenge the user,make comments within 24 hours. For on-site solution, ensure to send professional and technical service personnel, and ensure quality issues are not resolved not to evacuate staff. Quality problems of each user feedback products and processing results of my company to be filed.

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